New Demo

Hello again,

Just another early demo for the new E.P.


New EP in the works

There will be an EP release early 2013, I am working on it…Promise…  Here’s an early demo from this week…  


Women – Louise Bevan

So another entry in the ‘Women’ category.
About a year ago I had the opportunity to write  music for Josh Dion’s excellent short film ‘The Light‘.
I was finding it hard to get a tone that would complement the film and in the spirit of procrastination I decided to write a song for my friend Louise Bevan instead.
After listening to it a few times I realised that it actually suited the mood of the film so I sent it to Josh and it became one of the themes.
A lesson learned there…
Fast Forward a year…
I’ve mostly  recorded music either using a digital piano or virtual instruments. This has allowed me the freedom to write in a way that suits me and to work on tracks by ‘layering’ melodies and baselines over and over again. I prefer doing this during the writing stage as unfortunately I do not have 20 limbs and rarely have whole piece in my head from the get go.
I am now at a stage were I want to perform these tracks live and also record them live…on a Grand Piano.
I haven’t been very successful in my search for a Grand in Brighton but I recently practiced using a Yamaha vertical piano and  although I didn’t particularly like the sound of the piano it was still good to go into a room alone and play for 2 hours.
I will eventually get all this music recorded and uploaded but for now I give you a little video of me practicing ‘Louise’…

’75cl’ Original Soundtrack Upload

On Saturday  March 24th the village of Palmela, where the film ’75cl’ was shot gathered in celebration of its first screening.

After months of hard work Writer /Director Gonçalo Nuno de Souza managed to successfully complete this full length feature film with very little apart from friendship and goodwill from all involved. Everyone contributed in whatever way they could, a mother’s tuna bake, a village’s permission to close down main roads, a grandmother’s willingness to lay on the floor motionless for hours. At the screening (which I unfortunately missed) out came the Moscatel wine, the cheese, the friends and good company, all given with love from people who don’t own much but expect nothing in return.

I guess in a way what really drew me to be a part of this project was friendship. It was the notion that some things can just be given out of love for someone and that exchange bears no price. From my part I contributed in the only way I could, by creating an Original soundtrack as well as soundscapes for ’75cl’.

In early conversations with Gonçalo we discussed my appreciation of  70s/80s horror soundtracks and picked as references Wendy Carlos and early John Carpenter films. We both agreed that it would make sense for the film to have some synth based pieces that would suit the Zombie Film aesthetic as well as a few ‘traditional’ pieces to go along with the more dramatic ‘human’ scenes . It was a challenge but I think that all in all we managed to create a good balance and the feedback has been positive.




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’75cl’ Original Soundtrack

So most of those who know me are aware of the fact that I have spent the last few months writing the soundtrack for ’75cl’.

Original Poster

At the end of last year my good friend Goncalo shot his first full-length feature and I jumped on board of his Zombie train with only a handful of synths and a small laptop as my weapons. It seemed at times that the undead would win the battle but I am happy to announce that the soundtrack is now near completion and a good thing too as the film will have its first screening this coming Saturday.

After this first screening I will begin to upload a few of my favorite Zombie themes but not wanting to leave you, dear listener , empty handed here’s another music upload from Fran.

I wrote this in a near Zombie state. After mixing for over 8 hours my ears hurt and my brain was collapsing, I wanted nothing more than to break something. Not wanting to deal with the consequences of real life destruction I decided to do it musically. I took one of the songs from the soundtrack and cut through it like a madwoman. This is me and my sonic Saw.

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Women – Alicia

Alicia is my first upload in the Women category. This song is a tribute to a great lady and a good friend.


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Hello all,

I wish I was great at writing or drawing, unfortunately I am not.

In this blog you won’t find great literary masterpieces or incredible portraits, instead I will share with you the one thing I truly enjoy making…Music.

There will be the odd bit of text here and there but this little blog will be mostly just a way to share with you, dear listener, the sounds that come from within.

Hope you enjoy!