’75cl’ Original Soundtrack

So most of those who know me are aware of the fact that I have spent the last few months writing the soundtrack for ’75cl’.

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At the end of last year my good friend Goncalo shot his first full-length feature and I jumped on board of his Zombie train with only a handful of synths and a small laptop as my weapons. It seemed at times that the undead would win the battle but I am happy to announce that the soundtrack is now near completion and a good thing too as the film will have its first screening this coming Saturday.

After this first screening I will begin to upload a few of my favorite Zombie themes but not wanting to leave you, dear listener , empty handed here’s another music upload from Fran.

I wrote this in a near Zombie state. After mixing for over 8 hours my ears hurt and my brain was collapsing, I wanted nothing more than to break something. Not wanting to deal with the consequences of real life destruction I decided to do it musically. I took one of the songs from the soundtrack and cut through it like a madwoman. This is me and my sonic Saw.

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2 thoughts on “’75cl’ Original Soundtrack

  1. Gonçalo Souza says:


  2. Jordana Tomé says:

    Muito bom francisca! Love it 🙂

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