’75cl’ Original Soundtrack Upload

On Saturday  March 24th the village of Palmela, where the film ’75cl’ was shot gathered in celebration of its first screening.

After months of hard work Writer /Director Gonçalo Nuno de Souza managed to successfully complete this full length feature film with very little apart from friendship and goodwill from all involved. Everyone contributed in whatever way they could, a mother’s tuna bake, a village’s permission to close down main roads, a grandmother’s willingness to lay on the floor motionless for hours. At the screening (which I unfortunately missed) out came the Moscatel wine, the cheese, the friends and good company, all given with love from people who don’t own much but expect nothing in return.

I guess in a way what really drew me to be a part of this project was friendship. It was the notion that some things can just be given out of love for someone and that exchange bears no price. From my part I contributed in the only way I could, by creating an Original soundtrack as well as soundscapes for ’75cl’.

In early conversations with Gonçalo we discussed my appreciation of  70s/80s horror soundtracks and picked as references Wendy Carlos and early John Carpenter films. We both agreed that it would make sense for the film to have some synth based pieces that would suit the Zombie Film aesthetic as well as a few ‘traditional’ pieces to go along with the more dramatic ‘human’ scenes . It was a challenge but I think that all in all we managed to create a good balance and the feedback has been positive.




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6 thoughts on “’75cl’ Original Soundtrack Upload

  1. Yes! I can’t wait to give it a proper listen. Soundtrack to my last part of the working day? I think so!

  2. luis nunes says:


  3. This is awesome! I really want to thank you. the music takes the film to a whole new level!!
    Mys favorite is “undead and underground”. Thank you so much!

  4. Fernanda Esteves says:

    A banda sonora do filme, de tua autoria, é uma mais valia para a adesão que o “75 cl” está a ter e para o sucesso que merece alcançar.
    Pl’a Draca o meu muito obrigada.
    Fernanda Esteves

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