Women – Louise Bevan

So another entry in the ‘Women’ category.
About a year ago I had the opportunity to write  music for Josh Dion’s excellent short film ‘The Light‘.
I was finding it hard to get a tone that would complement the film and in the spirit of procrastination I decided to write a song for my friend Louise Bevan instead.
After listening to it a few times I realised that it actually suited the mood of the film so I sent it to Josh and it became one of the themes.
A lesson learned there…
Fast Forward a year…
I’ve mostly  recorded music either using a digital piano or virtual instruments. This has allowed me the freedom to write in a way that suits me and to work on tracks by ‘layering’ melodies and baselines over and over again. I prefer doing this during the writing stage as unfortunately I do not have 20 limbs and rarely have whole piece in my head from the get go.
I am now at a stage were I want to perform these tracks live and also record them live…on a Grand Piano.
I haven’t been very successful in my search for a Grand in Brighton but I recently practiced using a Yamaha vertical piano and  although I didn’t particularly like the sound of the piano it was still good to go into a room alone and play for 2 hours.
I will eventually get all this music recorded and uploaded but for now I give you a little video of me practicing ‘Louise’…